Montag, Oktober 05, 2009

Urban Terror cheater caught on video

I was playing Urban Terror yesterday and stumbled across a pretty shameless player (named [ToC]LOGGS) with both wallhack and aimbot enabled. So - what better thing is there than getting a demo and post a video of his shame for everyone to see?

Well, posting the video and commenting on the game so that others can learn how to identify cheaters online, of course :D

Actually, I did two videos: one plain video and one with r_shownormals=1. The latter one should give an impression of what the cheater would have seen with his wallhack. I didn't yet figure out how to include videos after I uploaded them on Youtube - so here are the plain links.

Plain video: [ToC]LOGGS cheating on Algiers

Video with added normals: Analyzing [ToC]LOGGS' cheating

Have fun :)

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